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FAQ painter in mays landing

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to age-old questions about our painting contractor services.

Over the years, certain questions always seem to arise from homeowners about our house painting services.

We have collected them here in the hope that it will help give you fast answers to what’s on your mind.



What should I expect upon requesting a consultation? (CLICK HERE, to request a consultation)

Paint Theory will contact you within two working days to schedule a visit to your property. During that visit you can expect to be given the expedited grand tour of our company history and credentials. Next, we will talk about your project, give recommendations, and walk around the property together. Last, we will write up your proposal the same day and make sure it's in your hand before we leave your house! We know our business well so a speedy delivery of your painting quote is no problem at all!

* If you decide that you want to paint with us the day of your estimate, you can take advantage of these discounts (click here).


How will my furniture and belongings be protected?


All furniture will be moved to the middle of the room and protected with plastic sheeting. Flooring and carpeting will then be protected by canvas drop cloths.

What kind of preparation will be done?


All holes will be spackled and sanded. Nail-pops will be re-set, filled, and sanded. All trim and molding will be inspected and caulked if necessary. Electrical plates and other covers will be removed until painting is complete. Any water marks, crayon marks, or grease stains will be cleaned and spot primed prior to painting. Request your interior consultation now.

What brand of paint will be used on my home?


Benjamin Moore is our preferred product and will be recommended for use on your job, unless otherwise requested or recommended by your estimator. In some cases, other products/ brands may provide a better solution to the issue at hand.


How will Paint Theory prepare the exterior of my home prior to painting or staining?

Unless otherwise noted, all surfaces that will be re-painted/stained will first be powerwashed with a commercial grade powerwasher and mildewicide prior to other preparations. Caulking, scraping, sanding, and spot-priming follow this. We also may need to fully replace rotten boards that cannot be corrected with caulking, ready patch, or bondo (all wood fillers). This will be brought to your attention at the time of your estimate, prior to starting your job. Request your exterior consultation now.

How many painters can I expect at my house for the duration of the job?

Typically a crew of 3-4 painters will be on site, but this will change as the job comes to a close - usually we spend the last day with 1-2 painters touching up and making everything perfect.

I have three estimates for the same painting job—why are the costs so dramatically different?

This could be for various reasons, including but not limited to…if the contractor carries the proper insurance, how professional of a job you are expecting, the method in which the paint/ stain will be applied, the products being used, the number of coats that are to be applied, etc. Make sure that you get a professional estimate that puts all of these details into a written, organized, and clear agreement. Verbal promises are easy to forget and are often worthless.

Does Paint Theory provide other exterior painting services?

Yes! We also provide roofing contractor services, click here to be redirected to our roofing site.

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