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"Fresh exterior painting gives your home a good-as-new glow!"

Exterior Painting Project

Before we start talking about our exterior house painting service, let’s start with where you really ought to start—with our power wash service.


A building's exterior that has been power washed before it has been painted offers a superior painting surface and longer-lasting paint life over one that has not been properly cleaned. (Include power washing when you request a consultation, and you just might be amazed at how the entire project is still affordable!)


Now…back to your need for a professional exterior house painter:


Paint Theory uses only the best paint, because we want your home to look nice both today and tomorrow. We provide color consultation services to help you choose colors that best blend in with your surroundings or help your home stand out from the crowd…whichever you prefer. And we can properly prepare and cover any building surface, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, cement, and stucco—even staining and opaque staining for cedar and redwood.


Every Paint Theory exterior painting project includes:

  • Sanding, scraping, and caulking all surfaces

  • Protecting windows with tape and grounds with drop cloths

  • Priming all work areas to promote paint cling and color pop

  • Painting all prepped surfaces carefully, including shutters and trim

When the job is done, you will have a glowing new home exterior, with no spills or brush strokes on windows, gutters, or other surfaces.

Paint Theory house painters arrive on time, work quietly and efficiently, dress appropriately, and always act courteously with our customers. We remove all clutter upon leaving your property, and take great pride in guaranteeing you 100% job satisfaction.

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